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The game includes 3 GAME MODES: story, random and survival to provide a high replayability. Explore a large 19th century city. Can find everything necessary to achieve your goal?

~ horror
~ exploration
~ survival horror
~ run from monster | Slenderman-like

~ streets of London
~ open world
~ 19th century | Victorian Era
~ cultists
~ demonic creature

Story: ~ 1849, Great Britain
After a malevolent cult enjoyed a continueing growth of popularity, it became a threat to all people who did not share their philosophy. In 1845, the cult had taken control by force over several city districts or even whole villages throughout Great Britain. Now, a priest is declared to sneak into one of those reprobated cities to finish a task, that multiple people had failed accomplishing before. That´s were our story begins...

What is Grime & Gaslight about?
Your task is to bless twelve crosses with holy water (for story and random mode).  Therefore you have got three phials, each containing one charge for a blessing. You have to carefully look around in the city for these crosses and stoups, since you need to refill your phials.  

This game challenges your memory and orientation. Where have you been before? Where do you saw the last cross, you were not able to bless, since you hear something right behind you and had to keep going? Decide wise, when it´s time to spend holy water on a cross, for it´s your only defense against the unholy creature that crawls through the streets.


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Looks like it could be fun but sadly no mouse invert option I could find so wasn't able to play for long before it got annoying :(

Sound design and general feel of the game is great though, very creepy , definetly give it a try if you are a normal mouse user lol


same. Looks good, but no invert mouse.


O ma gawd is sans undertal


Not a big fan of horror games normaly but this one is pretty good. interesting game mechanics and manages to produce this oldschool feeling you will encounter in Heretic or Thieve.  Good job keep it going i would give 4.6 Stars!


Its truely a pleasure to play this after watching it to be developed. The Idea is simple but the implementation is really awesome! The Leveldesign looks great and with the Sound effects the ambience is just suitable for a horrorgame. Also its not too easy so i just want to replay it to get further than before over and over again xD 

Good Job !

thank you, mate! Yeah, it´s intended that the game is not easy, but who likes way too easy games?